Ortlieb BACK-ROLLER CLASSIC Rood (pair)

€ 145,00


+ Classical rear pannier (pair) with roll closure
+ Sides of PS 490 nylon material, front and back of PD 620
+ QL2.1 system for racks up to 16 mm
+ 20 mm hook available as separate accessory (e.g. for e-bikes)
+ Including reduction pieces for tube diameters 8, 10 and 12 mm; with anti-scratch function reducing abrasions on rack
+ Top QL hooks and lower sliding hook adjustable without requiring any tools
+ Lower hook rail made of two-component „hard-soft“ synthetic reduces abrasions on carrier
+ Including integrated inner pocket and shoulder strap
+ Can be used individually (e.g. for shopping, sports, picknick)
+ Can be combined on the rack with ORTLIEB Rack-Pack size 24 L or 31 L
+ Simultaneous use of ORTLIEB Travel-Biker possible
+ Highly reflective Scotchlite reflector
+ Easy to clean inside